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Chrysotile finding: a call for serious attention

July 14, 2016, John Day, Health Minister, could not hide his disappointment over the scandal of chrysotile found in the roof panels at new Perth Children’s Hospitals. Mick Buchan, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) WA state secretary expressed his disbelief on the case.

He questioned the presence of a banned import product found at the project of a children’s hospital.

It’s so called white asbestos or chrysotile … it’s very disappointing that it is the case, it should not be there,” said Health Minister John Day.

The scandal has reawakened our awareness of the danger of this harmful material. The ban cannot guarantee that the fibres will never be found in even a supposed to be the safest place like a hospital.

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What is chrysotile?

Does the word asbestos-containing material (ACM) ring your bell? If you guess that chrysotile is another type of notorious fibrous material, then you got the right answer. Chrysotile is the most frequently used type of fibrous material. Nowadays, this form of dangerous fibrous material is found in ceilings, roof, floors and walls of homes and businesses. Automobile brake linings, gaskets, pipe insulation and boiler seals also used Chrysotile.

Is it as hazardous as ACM?

Concerning the diseases related to chrysotile; some studies have proven if you are exposed to this material, you can be infected with some serious health conditions. Although the toxic contained in chrysotile is not considered to be as dangerous as in ACM, some reports have indicated that a sole exposure to ACM can be as hazardous as to ACM. According to the study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, chrysotile should be treated with practically the same level of concern as ACM.

Is your house free from chrysotile and other types of harmful materials

It is predicted that in Australia over 60% of all production and 90% of all consumption of deadly fibre took place in cement manufacturing industry. The most shocking fact is, these buildings material are still frequently used today.

Since the 1980s, ACM has not been used for domestic structure materials. However, on December 31, 2003, asbestos and all products containing these harmful substances were banned throughout Australia but the ban does not valid for fibrous materials installed before this date. Therefore, it is possible that if your house built or renovated before 1990, it most likely contains some of this harmful substance.

For more information on the danger of ACM in housing, you can check the following sites:

Detecting chrysotile and its friends

How to make sure that your home is free from this hideous material? The first step is to check he history of your house. If you can to do this, it will be such a great help for yourself since it will save your time and money. The benefit of knowing the background history of your house is that you can trace each part of your property that is likely to have fibrous materials.

Where to look at?

Commonly, this dangerous substance can be in the form of:

  • roofing material
  • wall sheet
  • window eaves
  • cement siding
  • fibrous cement sheet
  • battens covering and molds for the corner
  • cement wall lining
  • ceilings
  • partition fence in the garden
  • imitation brick cladding
  • vinyl tiling beneath carpet
  • corrugated cement roof
  • vinyl tiles
  • garden sheds
  • pools
  • chimney for wood heater
  • and many others.

However, this dangerous thing cannot be detected with naked eyes. You cannot detect the presence of chrysotile by just looking at a certain material. You will need help from an expert to identify an ACM. Therefore, you need to contact a consultant to take the sample from your home and examine it. They can identify these harmful materials thoroughly.

Chrysotile is not a material that can be handled without special expertise: this is why we do not recommend any DIY efforts. Do not risk yourself with a serious health hazard. Asking help from well – trained and qualified experts is the wisest recommended option.

Asbestos Removal and Testing in Perth

Whom should you call?

Never fear. You can contact our endorsed contractors. They can handle all projects related to asbestos removal, testing, roof removal and management plan. Call one or more experts through Clear asbestos removal Perth. Clear asbestos removal Perth consists of professional contractors that have followed the proper training and have many years of experiences in this business.

If you have some doubts concerning your living or working places that might contain fibrous materials, never hesitate to contact our endorsed contractor. By having professionals to conduct removal and testing, you can know the level of danger of fibrous material in your house. Our members are experienced professional who can locate the dangerous materials. Their assessors will conduct a thorough assessment, collect samples, and do the test through an accredited laboratory.

We can assure you if you contact our approved members to perform asbestos removal and testing by our approved members, you will get a satisfying result. Their team specialists consist of trained and experienced members that can carry out any removal and testing process according to national and local regulation standards. Their team can handle all of your problems related to the fibrous material. When you need to detect and test ACMs, the best thing to do is contacting our approved professional contractors.

If you also require more specific services such as roof removal and minimization of the level of exposure of fibrous material, our members can provide you with such services.

We can assure that you won’t get any better result for asbestos if you use services from our endorsed contractors.

Why do you need to contact Clear Asbestos Removal Perth?

Instead of contacting other removalists, we advise you to call our approved contractors. We will tell you why you need to get in touch with our trusted contractors to get the removal and testing of those deadly asbestos materials in Perth:

  • Our B-class licensed members are selectively chosen: They are the best that you can get in their class. We have done all the research to help you finding trusted B-class licensed contractors. Our approved contractors have undergone the most reliable assessment for conducting all types of testing and sampling.
  • We put your health and safety as our top priority: Health and safety are major issues when it comes to handling this harmful material. That is why we put your health and your safety as our main concern. Safety procedure and time management are our emphases when working with our clients. Our trusted members have the highest commitment to achieve the excellence in health and safety. They conduct all inspection jobs in accordance with safety regulation.
  • Our trusted members use modern techniques and equipment: Specialised equipment and tools are required in testing all fibrous materials. Our endorsed contractors use new and modern testing techniques to handle the job. Working with our approved members will relieve you of your worries. You can just sit back and wait for a satisfying result.

why need connect clear asbestos removal Perth

What our endorsed contractors can do for you?

These are the services that they can provide you. There are four basic services available. They are:

1. Asbestos Removal
Our members will clean all toxic fibre contamination from your property. They may also handle encapsulation and decontamination includes safe removal, encapsulation and decontamination, waste transport, and disposal to a permitted landfill.

2. Asbestos Testing
Testing any materials suspected of contaminated with fibrous materials in designated lab.

3. Asbestos Management Plan
Creating a good control plan or a contaminated house or commercial property to keep the level of exposure as minimum as possible.

4. Asbestos Roof Removal
This is the service you can choose to get rid of the contaminated old roof sheeting from your property.

Never underestimate the importance of the health of your loved ones. Make sure your home is free from any harmful fibrous material. Contact our endorsed specialists to solve all your ACM problems. Our B-class licensed contractors are well-trained professionals who will deliver a satisfying result.

Not to worry about the cost! Health comes first. Why wait? Call one or more of our members today and get free quotes.

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