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Nation most horrifying material used for housing, asbestos-containing material better known as ACM, has been a threat not only to human but also the environment. This is the main reason why you need to detect its presence in your home.

Get Asbestos Removed from Your House

Asbestos was widely used in Australia for housing materials from the mid-1940s till late 1980s. It is predicted that more than 90% of its usage happened in the cement industry. Something you need to know that this material may still exist in your house now.

What You Need To Know about ACM

This hazardous fibrous material is a group of minerals formed naturally and has been utilised since the old days. It is mostly used because of its durability, flexibility, resistance to fire and chemicals, protection qualities, and its low price.

Building products containing this dangerous fibrous material are divided into two types, which are friable and non-friable material.

  • Friable material is generally very soft and unconstrained. It can be crushed by light pressure and change into fine dust.
  • Non-friable material is made from a mixture of fibres and bonding compounds. The bonding compound often mixed with a small portion of ACMs (generally less than 15%). One of the examples of non-friable material is fibro sheeting products.

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Health Risks

A friable ACM is very dangerous since its fibre is easy to be carried by air and might be inhaled by individuals living and working in the surrounding areas.

Even though non-friable materials normally do not release fibres into the air and considered to be less harmless. Still, there is potential for that damaged or weathered products to transform into friable products. It, then, creates a risk of fibre exposure to people who stay around the area.

Where Can You Find These Harmful Fibrous Products?

Bonded fibrous cement materials are widely used in houses. It includes:

  • fencing
  • roofing
  • eaves
  • shingles and siding
  • wall cladding for interior and exterior
  • flue or water pipes

Friable products are also possible to be found in homes, such as:

  • wood stoves ACM-rope door gaskets
  • spray-on insulation or soundproofing
  • insulation on hot-water pipes, domestic heaters and stoves (for example, lagging)
  • low-density ACM fibre board
  • floor tiles and vinyl flooring backing material on
  • loose fill roofing insulation (not commonly used)
  • the underlay of carpet (not commonly used)
  • decorative ceiling coatings, textured paints,
  • brick and plaster sealants, fillers, and some adhesive products
  • hail or fire damaged, or badly weathered asbestos cement products
  • heat-resistant fabrics

More about ACMs here:

  1. The Department of Health – www.health.gov.au
  2. Department of Commerce – www.commerce.wa.gov.au/worksafe/asbestos-frequently-asked-questions

Removing ACMs

If you consider renovating your home, removing health-threatening fibres should be one of your main concerns. Fibrous product should be removed before you begin any further work. Thinking of removing the dangerous fibrous product from your house without asking any help from the professionals aka DIY? Please read the information concerning DIY. Because of its potential negative effects to human’s health, it’s important that you’re aware of the correct handling and disposal method.

Mostly fibre exposure occurs from unsafe renovations and demolitions. It’s important for you to know the legal requirements before you work on ACMs. Your act of ignorance will cost you a serious health effect. The wisest choice is still by hiring a licensed professional because they know exactly how to do asbestos removal works properly.

However, if you insist on removing materials containing dangerous fibres yourself, do pay attention to the followings:

  • Is it undamaged?
  • Do you have another method to remove the harmful product?
  • Can you follow the rules and safety procedures if you plan to work with the deadly fibres?
  • Do you think you should hire a licensed removalist?

Before doing the Do-it-yourself, there are several things that you have to remember these Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Take the sample and do the sampling in a NATA-accredited laboratory if you have any doubt regarding the material.
  • Do work in airy areas.
  • Make sure the material is fully dampened and kept damp during work to reduce the release of fibres and dust.


  • Do Not use power tools for cutting or grinding!
  • Do Not use compressed air!
  • Do Not use high-pressure hoses!
  • Do Not walk on corrugated asbestos cement roofs as you may run the risk of falling through the roof.

Safety Equipment

Another important thing when doing the work by yourself is that, when working with harmful fibres, you have to use P3 grade Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). You will be required to use some protective kits, such as gloves, goggles, respirator overall suit, thick plastic bag, shoe covering, and other supporting tools.

The regulations allow individuals without a license to do a removal job. But an unlicensed person can only remove non-friable ACMs that are less than 10m2 in size. The amount of time allowed for the process cannot exceed one hour per seven days. If the material wanting to be removed is too large, you will be required to do an audit and inform the Work safe Authority.

Hiring A Removalist

You can get a list of licensed removalists offering various services at reasonable prices, but be wise! Cost is not the only main focus for hiring a trusted removalist. Do some checkup.

Do they have a certification for performing asbestos removal? You will also need a professional who has joined some training and hold a B-class license for such work. Check the review from their previous clients if they provide cleanup process, transport, and the disposal of waste to permitted landfill. Or else, it will cost you some problems.

Removal Services

For each removal activity, a client will need various services such as:

  • Demolition
  • Consultant
  • Emergency repair
  • Air monitoring
  • Soil remediation

What Can Our Endorse Removalists do?

Clear Asbestos Removal Perth connects you to trusted contractors for asbestos removal and testing, roof removal, and management plan.

Through Clear Asbestos Removal Perth, you can expect these four services:

  • Asbestos removal Perth
  • Asbestos testing
  • Asbestos roof removal
  • Asbestos management plan

Our approved removalists have received some training and earned certification for performing the removal procedures. They are well experienced and familiar with doing these jobs at residential or commercial premises. If you consider doing an initial inspection on your property, their asbestos removal Perth services will be ready to serve you.

Our members can also help you to develop a management plan for your convenience. Our endorsed members will deliver a concise report, including a control plan and an ACM register, to you. The report given will guide you in making priority for the project. You can expect an excellent result because your health and safety are their main concern.

No Rip-off

We know very well what worries most of the clients is the price. It is unavoidable that professional service comes with a certain price. We believe that you will put you and your family safety as your first priority. Price will be no problem when you receive a satisfying result. The cost for every service provided by our trusted removalist will not make you feel being ripped-off. No hidden charges. You will only require paying according to the service given.

Take some action and call our endorsed contractors now and get 100% free quotes.

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