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Asbestos Roof Removal Perth

WorkSafe Western Australia categorised asbestos-containing material (ACM) on July 21, 2001, as a dangerous substance. This implies that this hazardous substance can only be handled by licensed professionals.

Moreover, the removal of fibrous materials needs to be conducted by companies who have attended and accomplished special training courses and also earned certification. The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 2001, designated that a Class III licensed is authorised to remove ACM roofs.

Hidden Health Risks on Your Roof

How old is your house?

As known by many, older houses in Western Australia have asbestos corrugated roofs. Over time, the ACM roofs may show signs of ageing or damage, causing the solid outer sheet to come apart. This may cause ACMs to release harmful fibres into the air. Airborne fibres are one of the many causes of lung cancer.

Your awareness is needed. Check a relevant report related to the history of your house. Knowing when it was built can help you make an important decision for your asbestos roof removal Perth project. If you are unsure about presence of fibres in your roofing products, ask a licensed assessor to do asbestos testing.

Why you should remove your ACM roofs

There are several important reasons why you should at any cost get the ACM roof removed from your property, including:

  • To make sure that you and your family will not be affected by the illnesses caused by fibre exposure
  • To increase the value of your property
  • To prevent airborne fibres lingering around the area of your house
  • To remove inessential burden to your roofing structure
  • To protect saved tank rainwater from fibre pollution
  • To avoid gutter clogging that likely to contaminate rainwater source

Furthermore, your lungs are at risk from inhaling the fibres continuously. When the fibrous materials deteriorated, either from incorrect handling or heavy wear, the microscopic fibres are released into the air and can affect human lungs.

One of the most commonly used fibrous roofing materials in the past is cement sheeting/fibro. Fibrous cement sheeting often contains more or less 5 – 10% chrysotile (white fibre). This product is the example of non-friable ACMs.

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What is non-friable material?

It refers to hazardous fibrous materials that are solidly bound in the material matrix. The fibres are often bonded with vinyl, resin, and cement to form a stronger and more durable material. If it’s left undisturbed, non-friable material is usually not dangerous.

In Australia, more than 97% materials used in the construction industry were non-friable products.

In addition to non-friable material, there is also a friable material. It can be crushed, pulverized, or reduced to powder by the pressure of our hands.   A non-friable material may also become friable when it gets broken or damaged.

Friable materials consist of high percentages of harmful fibres. When disturbed, they are more possibly to discharge fibres into the surrounding environment. Therefore, it can risk our health. Due to the risks it may cause, this type of products must be handled and removed by a removalist who has an A Class license.

Below are several examples of friable materials:

  • Soundproofing and insulation products
  • Some sprayed on fire retardants
  • The backing of sheet vinyl and linoleum floor coverings
  • Thermal lagging, such as pipe insulation
  • The lining on some old domestic heaters, stoves and hot water systems and associated pipe lagging

Misleading Information

Many believe that fibre exposure is solely caused by cutting or breaking the material, or from an improper handling. A little do people know that fibrous sheets can easily be broken during handling, such as when removing the fixing that secures the product itself. In fact, a gentle handling is enough to make the fibres go airborne, which then people can easily breathe in.

Since these life-endangering products were very unsteady, they can without difficulty be shaped, molded, drilled, painted or cut. There is no on-site testing procedure to test for their existence. The materials can only be identified through sampling and laboratory testing.

Keep in mind: Treat an unknown product as it contains dangerous fibre until it’s confirmed as an ACM or not.

DIY attempts

A homeowner without a license is permitted to do a removal work although with certain limitation, such as the material size or the working process length. For an unlicensed individual, he can only remove a non-friable material that is not more than 10m2. Concerning the amount of time permitted for the work is not more than one hour in seven days. For bigger materials, you will be asked to do an inspection and inform the authority, Worksafe.

If you plan to do a DIY work yourself, you will probably need to inspect and remove these three components; which are roofing, fencing, and cladding parts. You need to make sure that you read, understand, and follow the guidance for the DIY work. A small mistake in the handling process can cause you a lifetime hazard. A safe work is important. So, for your own good, do not forget to use protective kits, such as goggles, respirator, gloves, overall suit, shoe covering, thick plastic bag, and another supporting equipment.

Calling a trusted removalist

From all the types of fibre-related works, roof removal is probably the most dangerous one! As compared to demolition, consultant, emergency repair, air monitoring, or soil remediation works.

Before starting the work, the area where the activity will be carried out, should be cleared out. It is simply to avoid the roof from falling onto the objects below. ACM is a dangerous substance. This is why if you are uncertain, calling a removalist will be the best option.

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Why Clear Asbestos Removal Perth?

Simple. It is because our endorsed members are thoroughly screened before being included in our list of endorsement. They have passed various tests and own a valid B Class license, which is the requirement for doing the job. Our endorsed removalists have received sufficient training and certification for performing the roof removal jobs.

Be it residential or commercial premises, our members have the undoubtable expertise for the job. If you need some services related to ACMs, our members are ready at your service.

They can provide four main services:

  • Asbestos removal Perth
  • Asbestos testing
  • Asbestos roof removal
  • Asbestos management plan

The solution for your asbestos roof removal Perth problems

If you happen to live in Perth and currently have been looking for a B-class licensed professional, you have come to the right place. There are good reasons why you need to get in touch with our members.

  • You can get free quotes from 3 local removalists
  • B-class license-holders
  • Competitive prices for all services with no hidden cost
  • Efficient, safe, and qualified professionals

We are here to help you find trusted local contractors in the Perth region. Through Clear asbestos removal Perth, you can find trusted contractors who offer quality asbestos roof removal Perth services. They can also help you with their asbestos testing services. Asbestos testing can help you to determine whether you need to remove your corrugated roof or not.

Our endorsed members can also help you to develop an asbestos management plan for your convenience. If you choose their management plan service, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes a control plan and an ACM register. The report will assist you in deciding the priority for the project.

Don’t worry about the disposal process. They will also transport the contaminated waste to a legal landfill.

What are you waiting for? Call now and ease your worries.

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