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If you have just begun to realise that your house was built before 1990, you might as well need to start doing testing for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).


It’s no surprise that most houses built before 1987 are contaminated with this hazardous fibres. It was up to 1960s, 25% of recent housing in Australia were covered in dangerous fibrous cement products. Due to its low price and endurance, the material was widely used in housing industries.

Is Your House at Risk?

31st December 2003 was the day that ACM products were totally banned in Australia.

A Quick Glance

Asbestos is a group of minerals found in nature. It contains solid fibres that have magnificent endurance, fire resistance and protecting properties.

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FYI about ACM fibres:

  • 50-200 times thinner than human hair
  • Can linger in the air for quite a long time
  • Cannot be seen by the naked eye
  • Can be inhaled into the lungs

The harmful fibre was manufactured into various products generally found in Australian houses within the 1940s and the late 1980s. When its risks were recognised, it was slowly removed. Beginning with the most dangerous fibrous-based products; like roofing and paneling products. Therefore, if your house was built before the 1980s and you plan to do a renovation, the possibility of you being exposed to dangerous fibres is high.

It has been known that life-threatening fibrous materials were used for interior and exterior cladding. However, there are numerous different ways ACM was generally put to utilise, including:

  • On the backing of vinyl floor tiles and vinyl floor tiles.
  • As a cover for wood heaters, including underneath hearths.
  • In the bathroom, as a backing for wall
  • Kitchen splash backs.
  • Imitation brick cladding.
  • Roof guttering, roof capping and eaves linings.
  • Fencing

It can also be found on electrical meter boards back, in some binding material and adhesives used in construction and also on the cover of an ironing board.

More about ACMs by accessing the links below:

  1. www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au
  2. asbestosawareness.com.au

Permissible Level of Exposure to Harmful Fibres

It is an inevitable fact that we are affected by ACMs in the air that we breathe daily. The background air contains between 10 to 20 harmful fibres in every 1000 liters or cubic meter of air. However, the daily exposure does not cause people to become sick straightaway. It’s because the level of fibres in the environment is quite low.

Nevertheless, asbestos-related diseases (ARD) happen every year to individuals who have not worked directly with ACM products. It’s hard to conclude what is the real cause of the diseases due to its low number of cases.

But, note this! An incorrect handling of harmful fibrous materials in the house might have contributed to some of these health cases.

Initial Detection

The dangerous fibres cannot be identified through a visual inspection. So, firstly you have to know the type of harmful fibrous material you are dealing with.

There are two types of asbestos:

  • Friable: it is a product that contains fibre that can be crushed with your hand like a breakable plaster sheet. This type is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS, and the sampling process can only be done by an assessor who has a valid license.
  • Non-friable: it is a solid product and cannot be crushed by hand. The example of a non-friable product is Fibro Sheeting products. A DIY kit can be used for doing a sampling on this product. What you need:
  • Protective gloves
  • Thick plastic bags
  • Spray bottle
  • Scissors
  • Plastic sheet
  • Permanent marker
  • Face mask

Either friable or non-friable materials, when their fibre disperses into the air and is inhaled, they are SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS. That is why you should follow legal guidelines every time you deal with suspicious materials to avoid fibre exposure.

Risks of Having Hazardous Fibrous Material at Home

ACMs become deadly when they are disturbed, broken, deteriorated; in a certain way that causes their fibres become airborne. Still, there is potential for such accident to happen in your house like being broken, or being cut or sanded by power tools.

It’s hard to detect whether or not a housing material has harmful fibres. The only way to be sure is having your sample tested by an accredited lab. For an untested material, you have to treat it as if it contains ACM.

What is ACM testing?

It’s an assessment to determine the risk caused by ACMs during normal occupation. If you want to make sure that your house is free from life-threatening fibres, you can ask a professional to do a testing. Although it’s possible to do a DIY testing work, hiring a licensed assessor is strongly recommended. By getting a professional to perform the inspection, you can expect to get an accurate and timely result.

Hiring the Right Removalist

If you wish to do an inspection, with Asbestos Testing Perth services, you will be provided with a thorough inspection result. Our endorsed members are professional removalists that have received certification and training. Our endorsed removalists have years of experiences in doing the testing process in residential and commercial premises. They do their jobs in compliance with the procedure required by the regulations.

Through our approved removalists, get other services, including:

You may have heard about other services related to ACMs, such as:

  • Demolition
  • Air monitoring
  • Consultant
  • Soil remediation

In case you wonder why there are many services required to handle hazardous fibrous materials, it’s because each case needs to be treated differently. That is why you get to see a removalist offers more than one service.

Why Do You Need to Get in Touch with Asbestos Testing Perth?

Clear Asbestos Removal Perth can help you to get in touch with trusted local contractors for asbestos removal and testing, roof removal, and management plan services.

Because our approved members are chosen through a strict selection process. Our endorsed contractors have a B-Class license, which means they have the authorization for performing asbestos testing jobs. You can expect a clean and safe result for your removal and testing project. If you are worried about the disposal process, our trusted contractors can assure you that the waste will be transported to a permitted landfill.

If you need to do an initial inspection on your property, our endorsed members will be ready to deliver asbestos testing Perth services for you. They are also ready to help you with a sound management plan for your convenience. Our endorsed removalists will provide a control plan and an ACM register for your further consideration on doing your removal project. The report given will guide you in making a priority for your project.

Your health and safety are our main concern. By hiring removalists for your asbestos testing Perth project through us, you can expect value prices for every service. What’s more, you can ask for free a quote, not just one but two or three free quotes to help you with the financial scheme. Get 100% free quotes now!

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