Common Mistakes in Kitchen Lighting

Do you know what can hijack your recent renovated kitchen? It’s the poor and insufficient lighting and inadequate power for appliances. The lighting will define whether the kitchen renovation project work is successful or not although you modify the cabinet hardware and take out the current cabinets.



There are three big mistakes that are commonly made by homeowners regarding kitchen lighting. Millennialliving has listed the followings:

  • Picking the wrong light type for a specific need or task,
  • Installing fewer light switches to control subsets of lights
  • Do not take into account a load of electricity of new equipment and capacity of the electrical panel box.


Types of Lighting

For a kitchen, you really have to take care of two types of lighting called genre/ambient and task lighting. Some light specialists also discuss accent lighting. It can be a little bit of overlap.


Task lighting, as indicated by its name, gives lighting for working and accentuates the features of lighting in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting, for instance, provides light when you work in the kitchen and also exhibits that extravagant splashback.


Definitions and Examples

When you are going to buy lighting, you should pay attention to the following definitions and examples of lighting. Do not forget to ask questions to yourself, what do I want with the light?


  1. Ambient or general lighting lights up the whole room. This type of lighting is very crucial to all kinds of kitchen.


  1. Task lighting supplies lighting for particular works. It can be used for cooking, preparing meals or reading a book of a recipe. These lights are normally brighter and offer really bright light where you really need it and where the general light cannot provide, and


  1. The Accent lighting accentuate certain features of your kitchen. This can be a work of art, an appealing splashback of marble tiles with stencils in it, etc.


Examples of types of lighting

  • The examples of general or ambient lighting include recessed downlights, soffit lighting, cove lighting, surface-mounted lights and track lights.
  • Task lighting usually consists of pendant lights, valance lighting, under-cabinet luminaires, as well as portable fixtures, such as can light
  • Accent lighting normally consists of track lights, sconces and under-cabinet lights. LED lights are ideal for under-counter lighting and increase beauty.
  • Lighting switch and diversification of your lighting system

The most frequent mistake in the design of kitchen lighting is inadequate switches that can control different light subsets. In our kitchen, we have three separate switches, instead of just one switch to control all recessed lights. You are recommended to implement this to all your lighting requirements in all rooms.

  • With separate switches, you have the adjustability of minimising the needs of lighting throughout the brightest days, where the required recessed light to be turned on is only 1/3.


If you want to experiment such as mixing those lighting in your kitchen, just go ahead, don’t have to be afraid. All you need to do is just adhere to the above definition. You can find many choices online to fulfil your needs for lighting. LED or light emitting diodes also deserve a look.


For pendant lights, you will need special planning that extends beyond the peninsulas. Just be sure the wall cabinet door will not hit the pendant lights you are planning. To ensure that this accident will depend on the on the size of the cabinet, which can usually range from 24 to 36 inches.



Various ranges of works will be involved in the kitchen remodelling, from the simple to the most complicated ones. Although you may consider DIY for this project, you might need some help or want to discuss with someone:

  • Refacing your current cabinets,
  • Fixing new cabinets, or
  • A complete remodelled kitchen consisting of design, cabinets, appliances, etc.


You can talk to the kitchen experts in your area about the above topics. Especially, if your house is categorised as old houses. You will also need to consider asbestos testing and removal because usually older houses are installed with asbestos. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you do not disturb any dangerous materials within your home during the kitchen remodelling. You can search those licence holder removalists through the Internet or Clear Asbestos Removal Perth.


Our Activities in the Kitchen and Purchase Tips

Task lighting is normally used in two places. Above the peninsula, there are two pendant lights. The under-cabinet lights serve the function as task lighting. It also offers accent lighting and provides the kitchen with a good improvement. There are two switches to control the lighting on the under-cabinet.


Accent lighting can also be used in the form of can lights close to paintings and greeneries. The can lights offer a great deal of benefit with different kinds of shadows on the wall, on artwork as well as on the plants, whether they are artificial or living plants.


Fancy Appliances Might Need More Electrical Power

Other basic mistakes in the kitchen done by homeowners are the ignorance of the need for an electrical power of new appliances. This is commonly found in high-end electric and also gas ovens and stoves.

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Common Mistakes in Kitchen Lighting

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