Do You Need Extra Room?

What should you put into consideration before converting your garage: asbestos and how to do the asbestos disposal safely.


When your children have grown up, you might need an extra room for them, especially if one of your children has turned into a teenager, he or she might demand a room of his or her own. However, this plan may either be impossible or quite costly.


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Not to worry. Having extra room is still possible. There is still another way to carry out your mission. Is there an under- or disused garage? It can be the solution to your additional room plan. You can convert the existing space for a more effective cost. It will surely more effective than the cost than constructing a whole new room in your house.


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To convert your garage into a bedroom, you cannot just add in some furniture and drive out your car. You need to consider your safety. In the poor weather and winter, if the room doesn’t have proper insulation, your children might be unsafe. Therefore, you will need to do some renovation before jumping into the interior design of the bedroom.

  • First, the room will be needed to be properly insulated, so your children will not be freezing cold, or find their belonging getting dampish.
  • To get proper insulation for your garage, you have to identify the way vapour will be transferred.
  • Recognising which is applicable will determine the side of the wall that is needed to be insulated.
  • For a better application of insulation, it is recommended that you engage an insulation specialist before you start tearing down your walls.



Although the garage is well insulated, it will still need the touch of aesthetic quality. To do so, you can change that cold concrete floor with a new carpet or wooden flooring. You can also embed breathable panels onto the top concrete before you put a new floor.

  • You too need to pay attention to windows: Check whether there are enough windows. If you get the permit to add larger windows, it will be good for the bedroom because windows will bring more daylight into the room and add a homey feeling to it.
  • Garage rolling door: You can either convert it into wall, to get rid of the image of a garage, or you can keep it to let lots of air enter the room. It’s all up to you. You can choose whatever your heart desires.



Once the bedroom is ready, it is time for you to think about the furniture. Naturally, you will be requiring a bed since it is a bedroom. How big will it be? Well, it will depend on who will occupy the room. If it is your teenage child, then you will not need a bigger bed.

How about the storage? Commonly, a garage does not have built-in cupboards and drawers. You can add this to the room. If the room is not too spacious, shelves will be a good choice to be functioned as storage since it will not take too much space. Another option is wardrobes with built – in drawers or multi-tiered desks. Just try to do some experiments with furniture to get an effective design.

To create more liveable room for your dark garage, you will need a brighter exposure. The solution is to paint it with a bright colour. Make sure that there is enough light during the night, particularly over the sleeping area and desk since your children will need to do activities that require good lighting such as reading or doing a homework.


What You Need to Consider Before Converting Your Garage

There are several things that you need to take into consideration before you start remodelling your garage.

  1. Getting a legal permit before doing the renovation. You will need to submit a Development Application (DA) to your local council and have the paper approved before the project is carried out.
  2. Hiring a building contractor for the project. You should hire only a registered and properly accredited contractor. You also need to make sure that the contract provides clear description of the works that needed to be done.
  3. DIY: becoming an owner builder. An owner builder is a homeowner who does the building renovation by himself or manages sub-contractors. Reducing costs, having flexibility for the completion schedule, and having control over the projects are the reasons why homeowners choose to be the owner builder. The owner builder should be familiar with the legislation. If you plan DIY, you will need a domestic building insurance and a certificate of consent to be an owner-builder.
  4. You should have a well-planned and realistic budget for the renovation. Calculate the projected costs and add some extra to the budget, so you can anticipate the unexpected.
  5. If you plan to renovate your garage, it is important for you to make sure that your house is free from asbestos. Generally, pre-1990 houses could contain asbestos-containing materials. The material is possible to be found in various places including a garage. Therefore, before you carry out your renovation project, make sure you consult and engage an asbestos specialist.


Removing Asbestos from Your Garage

For older houses built before the 1990s, your garage can be installed with asbestos. The material can be located in walls, eaves, corrugated roofs or cement pipes. The fibrous material can pose a health risk during the renovation because the work may disturb or damage the material. It will be safe to remove all asbestos materials before you begin renovating.


Asbestos Disposal in Perth

If you do an asbestos removal project, you need to make sure that you follow the regulations and dispose of the waste to a legal landfill site. Basically, every disposal site has common regulations, such as:

  • Asbestos must be double-wrapped in a black plastic.
  • Package has to be sealed with tape.
  • Label the package as asbestos.


There are three available asbestos disposal locations in Perth WA:


To get more information on waste asbestos disposal, you can contact WorkSafe WA (08) 9327 8777.

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