Your Renovation Choice: Minimalist Bathroom

When you feel like renovating your bathroom and still have no idea of what you are going to do with your bathroom, maybe you can try this idea from Pivotech. The minimalist bathroom can be a good idea for you to try.


Minimalism can be an option to design any room, particularly bathrooms. Minimalism is the style born from the traditional architecture of the Japanese. The minimalist style is more or less about minimising space to its necessary elements. The philosophy of ‘less is more’ is something that you can apply. The saying less is more does not mean space is empty without any decoration. Minimalist interiors are spaces designed by calculation, but at the same time clean and free from clutter.



To master the real art of minimalism, you need more times. However, the following tips will reveal some minimalist strategies, using shapes, lines, lights and tones. The tips can be applied by anyone to their bathroom renovation.


Thorough Clean

Before you begin with everything, the first and foremost important thing to do is cleaning. Many people have a tendency to collect all sorts of ‘treasure’ in their bathroom. Don’t forget that minimalistic is all about reducing your interior back to just the essential elements. There is no spot in your newly renovated bathroom for your half empty shampoo bottle or empty bottles of perfume. Take a huge rubbish bag, toss out all your old unused things. You need to treat all the items that are regularly used in the bathroom like you do treat food, meaning follow the expiration dates and do not collect those items. After you have done that thorough cleaning, you will feel like having a new room.



What color that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Minimalism’? It’s most definitely white. White is quite famous in minimalist design. It’s the primary ‘clean’ tone. Minimalist does not always have to be white. Avoid the commonplace, change white to black. Black can also create a clean artistic just like white. However, the darker shade will evade a cold aspect. Just apply that less is more philosophy. Choose black tiles with a small pattern or color variation. Rather, contrast shape and size of the floor and wall tiles to support visual interest.


Artistic Concept

Treat your bathroom like it’s an extraordinary place. Minimalism is about stylish design, let your bathroom be prominent and encompass abstract element. To follow the minimalist standard, you need to make sure that abstraction performs a purpose in the bathroom as well as its aesthetic function. If your aesthetic abstraction is a useful element in the bathroom, and it agrees to your minimal variety of color tones, consider yourself and bathroom like an ordinary thing.



Minimalism has a limited range of colors, restricted to grey, black, white and very likely one shade of color. Count on light to improve the character of your space instead of colors. The light here is more of like a light play which means design the interior surfaces effectively to decorate the interior room by only reflecting artificial or natural light. Just like minimalist design, the light play also requires much time to master it. However, there is a simple technique that you can use that is a mirror placement. If you put a mirror in a strategic place, it will enhance the room. Created by lights reflection from a mirror to mirror can immediately stimulate your bathroom in a room that has minimal decoration and pattern.


Feature Lines

Among the design element in the minimalist style that is quite powerful is a line. Either straight or hard lines can give structure to space in the very simplistic way. No need to be scared of highlight straight lines in the bathroom. Shower screen, mirror, or bath panels are the ideal line to feature.


Those are some of the techniques you can apply for creating a chic minimalist bathroom. However, before you start applying all the techniques to your bathroom renovation, there is an important issue that you need to take into consideration. Older houses were usually installed with asbestos. Therefore, before tearing down everything, makes sure you do asbestos testing or asbestos removal to avoid any risks to health. If you do not do any asbestos inspection you might as well harm your surrounding environment that if you can cause you some expensive fine.

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Your Renovation Choice: Minimalist Bathroom

When you feel like renovating your bathroom and still have no idea of what you are going to do with your bathroom, maybe you can try this idea from...